David Vigo is an award winning artist who sells his work in fine art shows across the country. As the sole creator of his artwork, each piece will start from cut sheet metal, a steel bar or found object. He uses various techniques to texture the metal which include acid wash, grinding, natural rusting or applying gesso. Sometimes the metal is heat treated, washed in acid, or wired wheeled. Other times, the pieces are an assemblage of various metals or found objects. David then applies enamel paint, acrylic or oil paint over the textured metal, or will experiment with different combinations. Most pieces have several layers of paint in order to achieve a desired look.

David's subject matter is heavily influenced by his life experiences. he does not always sketch his ideas, but many times starts with a centerpiece and then builds around it. Some pieces can sit for several weeks until he finds the right combination of parts to complete it. As a self taught artist, David's journey is a continuing process.

David Vigo Fine Art